A warm welcome...

El Relox is a friendly, safe, affordable, unique retreat in colonial Mexico. For over 80 years, guests have traveled to the quaint small town, Tequisquiapan, to enjoy the warm mineral waters for their health and enjoyment. It is only 110 miles north of Mexico City; approximately 1-1/2 hours drive.

Symphony of color...

The 110-room facility is quiet with simple charms and secluded coves. The original entryway dating from 1870 leads to eight suites with very individualistic features overlooking placid cobblestone streets. Courtyard rooms look into a multicolored garden where you can soak up the morning sun with a good book and a cup of coffee, or slip into the health spa. Our promotional packages include use of pools, fitness center; three meals prepared daily on the premises, taxes, gratuities, and room prices to suit your budget.

The water element...

The mineral waters have drawn visitors year after year seeking health and tranquillity. At El Relox, bathing is available year round. The weather is sunny, bright during the day, and refreshingly cooler at night, averaging 66C. The gardens lead you to three sparkling pools with plantings of yuccas, cypresses and fountains. Water is pure and feels extraordinary as it swirls around you with a vairiety of jet streams providing hydromassage, heightening your state of relaxation. Alternatively, immerse yourself in one of the 17 spacious thermal baths that we offer exclusively at El Relox. Vaulted ceilings allow natural light to brighten up your experience. The water averages 27C and the natural mineral content includes sulfates, nitrates, and carbonates.

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